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Welcome to one of the most exciting products in the Bee range:    ZipBee ®
ZipBee will save you time, space and you will feel more comfortable when using Microsoft Outlook.  
Have you ever been upset by so huge files, which waste your network resources, your disk space and especially your time?
Now, you can use a clever extension for Microsoft Outlook, which automatically compresses your file attachments. When sending a message, ZipBee will automatically look at the message file attachments, and will compress them in the well-known Zip format.
Using the well-known Zip file format, ZipBee is fully compatible with any Zip tool. So you can send attachments using ZipBee to any receiver equipped with any Zip tool. ZipBee will also automatically handle the decompression and the opening of any Zip file created by any other Zip tool.
ZipBee is a standard Microsoft Outlook Client extension, which respects the Microsoft documented interfaces. More over ZipBee is fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002 SP1+, Outlook 2003 .
Even though ZipBee is a relatively recent product, it is already used by the French Ministry ‘de l’Equipement, des Transports et du Logement for its large Microsoft Exchange organization of more than 10 000 workstations. In such an infrastructure, ZipBee provides an effortless, efficient management of resources.
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